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We are seeking an energetic and reliable Groundskeeper to perform day-to-day maintenance at our community. Overall duties will include removing debris from the grounds, maintaining common room areas, restocking bathrooms and responding to all cleaning emergencies.

The successful candidate will be highly organized, dedicated, and able to handle a variety of duties simultaneously. You will work with management to create an effective cleaning schedule, which will include your day-to-day routines and work timetable.

*Complete minor repairs and building improvements.
*Clean all common room areas including the kitchen, lobby and break room.
*When applicable, place safety hazard signs in the building including wet paint and wet floor warning signs.
*Monitor, clean and service washrooms.
*Respond to any major spills or other cleaning crises.
*Remove litter and rubbish from community grounds and main common rooms.
*Assist maintenance where needed.

*6 – 12 months’ groundskeeping experience.
*Able to work a flexible schedule including weekends, if needed.
*Must be reliable and professional.
*Prepared to execute all duties and responsibilities in a safe and timely manner.
*Knowledge of English language.

Competitive pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Please respond to ad or apply in person at:
Walnut Hill Apartments
2626 Babcock Road
San Antonio, TX 78229

To apply for this job please visit